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AMA w/ Maarten 't Hooft, Founder & Managing Partner, Quest Venture Partners

Hosted by DutchTechX
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On March 17th at 5 PM CET, learn from and engage with Maarten 't Hooft, Founder & Managing Partner, Quest Venture Partners. The event will be hosted by ASIF Ventures—in collaboration with DutchTechInc.

​​Maarten, with two decades of experience as a technologist and VC, in Silicon Valley, is the Founder & Managing Partner of Quest Venture Partners. Prior to Quest Venture Partners, Maarten spent over 6 years at Google with 4 of those years on the Android team responsible for the European launch of the G1 (the first Android phone). Maarten's investments span from online marketplaces to digital media, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to enterprise automation platforms. In addition to large IPO outcomes such as Amplitude, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMPL) more than 20 of his prior investments were acquired or reached a valuation of $1B or more.

​Maarten is interested to learn from and supporting the startup ecosystem by advising and investing in innovative startups and businesses in the Netherlands.

About Quest Venture Partners
Quest Venture Partners believes in entrepreneurialism and the magnificent achievements the right team can accomplish. We invest in early-stage companies with great ideas and even greater people behind them. We typically are the first institutional money in, investing between $100k-$1.5mm, with our sweet spot being around $500k.

About ASIF Ventures
At ASIF, we bridge the gap between student entrepreneurs and venture capital funding. Our goal is to spur entrepreneurship in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area by guiding and investing in student-led startups. We are here to support students & recent graduate startups from the get-go.