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New Cities & Network States @Zuzalu

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About Event

This is an event for new / charter cities and free state builders, techno-utopians and seasteaders, organised by Mark Lutter and Zuzalu

It takes place during the 2-month-long pop-up mini-city near Tivat, Montenegro.

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It wasn’t always hard to start a new city, but it’s become a lost art.

Instead of multi-level highways or flying cars, city governance means increasing taxes while lowering service quality.

Startup cities seek to break this stagnation and build platforms for private citizens and businesses to thrive, and unleash a new wave of technological progress.

Naturally, these cities are crypto-native and pro-progress. And they seek out bold new experiments to do governance on chain.

Other business & technology opportunities such as medical tourism, longevity biotech research and energy innovation abound, if unleashed by the right legal and governance guardrails.

Where are new cities and network states headed? We'll discuss this question with the key experts and practitioners in the field.

Confirmed speakers & participants include:

  • Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum Foundation)

  • Balaji Srinivasan (The Network State)

  • Tom W. Bell (Chapman University)

  • Mark Lutter (Charter Cities Institute)

  • Titus Gebel (Free Cities Foundation)

  • Patri Friedman (Seasteading Institute)

  • Laurence Ion (VitaDAO)

  • Adam Gries (The Longevity Network State)

  • Niklas Anzinger (Infinita VC)

  • Mwiya Musokotwane (Nkwashi)

  • Kristof de Spiegeleer (Threefold)

  • Massimo Mazzone (Ciudad Morazan)

  • Dryden Brown (Praxis)

  • Chika Uwazie (Afropolitan)

  • Daniel Yu (Wasoko)

  • Kurtis Lockhardt (Charter Cities Institute)

Among the topics that will be discussed are:

  • Legal Systems & Competitive Governance

  • Regulatory Arbitrage in Medical Tourism

  • The Status of Seasteading

  • The ZEDEs in Honduras

  • Free Zones in Africa

  • Opportunities for Longevity Biotech


Montenegro has 2 major airports: Podgorica (2h away from venue) and Tivat (15m away from venue)

There will be shuttles and taxis from Podgorica to the venue