Cover Image for Ag Data Wallet UX Collabathon Info Session
Cover Image for Ag Data Wallet UX Collabathon Info Session
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Ag Data Wallet UX Collabathon Info Session

Hosted by Sienna Zuco, Clare Politano & Anna Lynton
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During this info session, Terran Collective, Purdue Axilab, Tech Matters, and OpenTEAM will share the research design and plans for the Ag Data Wallet UX Collabathon with the OpenTEAM community, answer questions and gather input, and encourage participation in the Collabathon.

What is an Ag Data Wallet?
The vision for an agricultural data wallet (Ag Data Wallet or ADW) is a digital tool where farmers, ranchers, and land stewards can access and manage their data and decide whether others can see it too. Control over what specific data is available to others, and on what terms, is a critical aspect of this vision.

Imagine a common interface where producers could:

  • aggregate and view all their important operational data

  • review and submit required data to government agencies or other programs

  • specify and share operating data with trusted advisors

  • respond to a research request to share particular de-identified data

  • share farm management information in order to access marketplace opportunities for the implementation of sustainable / climate-smart practices

  • see a list of individuals and groups who have access to data (and at what level -- view, edit, share), and easily manage or revoke those permissions

An Ag Data Wallet would provide complete autonomy over producer data, and make it easy to share chosen data with trusted partners. Implementing an ADW requires data exchange between many systems which are currently disconnected. By standardizing data formats and transfer methods, we believe that this “digital wallet” could reduce the time producers spend on paperwork, increase the value of data collected by creating access to opportunities where farmers can benefit, and provide greater data security and peace of mind.

OpenTEAM Collabathon: Ag Data Wallet User Experience

Over the next several months, OpenTEAM will bring together producers, their advisors, technologists, designers, researchers, and government agencies to dig into the practical applications of an Ag Data Wallet. We want to understand how an ADW could best help solve real problems faced by the agricultural community.

The specific focus of this work is to identify the most important data sharing problems faced by the community and design a UX (user experience) which will meet these needs. The intended outcome of this Collabathon is a system architecture and a set of UX design patterns: recommended specific user interface (UI) elements, sequences, and terminology that would make an Ag Data Wallet easy to use.

Collabathon participants who join us for 1:1 interviews will be compensated for their time.

Inviting OpenTEAM Community Review and Participation

In January, we will release our Collabathon Project Charter and Research Design and we invite review and input by the OpenTEAM community. To share feedback and ask questions of the Collabathon team, join us for the Info Session on January 18. 


  • Welcome

  • Meet the Collabathon Team: Meet the dynamic team behind the Collabathon, learn about their backgrounds, and understand their roles in the project.

  • Collabathon Project Plan: Dive into the detailed plans for the collabathon, including objectives, timelines, and expected benefits and outcomes.

  • Research Design: A deeper look at the research design, highlighting key methodologies, tools, and the impact we aim to achieve.

  • Q & A: An open forum to ask questions, share thoughts, and engage directly with the team.

  • Next Steps / How to Register: Learn about the next steps in the process and how you can register to be a part of this exciting initiative

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