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How to read books and articles effectively

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Overwhelmed and stressed out by the stack of books you’ve been meaning to read? Those 100s of articles you have bookmarked but never really read?

Learning new topics and reading effectively is hard work.

And then when you finally do get down to it, the information doesn’t stick and you forget it before you knew it.

Let’s face it, our reading and learning habits have been corrupted ever since our daily lives got surrounded by social media and the dopamine hits that it provides us with.

Even if we force ourselves to read an article or a book, most of what we read is forgotten within a span of a few days.

But even today in a world full of video content or podcasts, books and articles remain to be one of the best sources for going deep into a topic and learning something new.

And while reading a book cannot hold your attention like a Mrbeast video, there sure are ways that can help you get started or accelerate your learning and reading experience.

To help you out, we are hosting Aditya Behere this Friday where he will be sharing some small changes that one needs to make in their routine to change the trajectory of what they get from the books and articles that they're reading.

He is an Associate Product Manager at Upraised and has dedicated years of his life to discovering ways to learn and retain knowledge effectively.

The session will get started at 7 pm on Friday, 4th March. 

Register for the session by filling in your details, and we will see you with your notepads and pencils in the session :)