ADPList Community Special 2020: Giving Voice



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​Our Year-End Event 📣

​Join us as we invite the biggest community leaders, Wonsulting, and Design Buddies.

​2020 has been a ride of a lifetime and we are only 20 days away from a new year 🦄. As our year-end event, we'll discuss our takeaways from this crazy, and memorable year. Beyond this, key lessons that can help us prepare stronger together for 2021 - achieving our most ambitious goals.

​✨ Join us as we engage in conversations recapping 2020 and preparing for 2021!

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​Event Host 🎉

​Felix Lee 🇸🇬 - Design Lead at Gotrade (YC S19) & Co-founder at ADPList

​Felix is an entrepreneur and design leader who believes in constantly reinventing the way we experience the world and beyond. He has worked with global startups from Y Combinator, Antler, and more raising over $30M in 2 years from an early stage. He is featured on Vulcan Post, Straits Time, TODAY, Tech in Asia, Teenage Magazine, and more.


​Our Panelists 🎙️

​👉 Jerry (Je Hak) Lee 🇺🇸 - Manager, Product Strategy, & Analytics at Lucid / COO at Wonsulting

​Jerry is an ex-Senior Strategy & Operations Manager at Google and current Manager, Product Strategy at Lucid. He is from Torrance, California and graduated summa cum laude from Babson College. After graduating, Jerry was hired as the youngest analyst in his organization by being promoted multiple times in 2 years to his current position. Outside of work, Jerry partners with universities & organizations (170+ to date) to help others land into their dream careers. He's amassed 83,000+ followers and has reached 15M+ professionals.


​👉 Jonathan Javier 🇺🇸 - CEO & Founder at Wonsulting

​Jonathan is the CEO/Founder of Wonsulting, which mission is to “turn underdogs into winners”. He's also worked in the Strategy and Operations team at Snap, Google, and Cisco coming from a non-target school/non-traditional background. He works on many initiatives, providing advice and words of wisdom on LinkedIn and through speaking engagements. In total, he has led 170+ workshops in 9 different countries including the Mena ICT Forum in Jordan, Resume/Personal Branding at Cisco, LinkedIn Strategy & Operations Offsite, Great Place To Work, Talks at Google, TEDx, and more. He's amassed 78,000+ followers on LinkedIn in 8 months as well as 15+ million impressions yearly on his content.



​👉 Grace Ling 🇺🇸 - Product Designer at Electronic Arts / Co-founder at Designer Buddies

​Grace is a Designer at Electronic Arts and the Founder & Design Lead of the Design Buddies community. She is also a Computer Science & Engineering student at Santa Clara University. Outside of design and community building, she has her own art business and creates content for social media and her blog.


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​This event is for mature audience. Viewer discretion is advised.

​Disclaimer: By participating in this event, you consent to interviews, photography, audio recording, video recording and its/their release to be used for purposes that ADPList team deems fit to use. You release the ADPList staff and all persons involved from any liability connected with the taking, recording, digitizing, or publication of interviews, photographs, images, audio and/or video recordings.

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