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Adii Pienaar (Author of Life Profitability: The New Measure of Entrepreneurial Success), and 3X founder of WooCommerce, Conversio and Cogsy is letting the cat out of the hat on inventory optimization. 

With inventory mismanagement contributing to a 30% loss of revenue for most companies, not only will this advice save you money, but also time.

In this AMA you’ll get access to exclusive information that will help avoid the 3 major issues of inventory: 

  1. Excess Inventory - and all that profit loss 😭

  2. Delayed Inventory - and all those pissed off customer😡

  3. Forecasting Inventory - and all those failed prediction🧐

…and more 

Bring a question and get ready to have your mind blown - because that’s what one conversation with Adii did to us! 


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