Cover Image for FutureScape 2023: How AI and Big Ideas Are Changing the Game for Engineers

FutureScape 2023: How AI and Big Ideas Are Changing the Game for Engineers

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Hey there, fellow tech enthusiasts! Ever find yourself deep in thought about where AI and those super-smart Large Language Models are taking us? You're not alone, and we think it’s high time we talk about it. So how about we all gather at Joe and the Juice in Palo Alto on September 5th for some real talk, amazing juice, and maybe even some coffee if that's more your vibe?

Imagine this: a cozy venue filled with the buzz of conversation, the smell of fresh coffee, and a bunch of awesome folks who are just as jazzed about the future of AI as you are. We’re creating a space where you can share your wildest ideas, your worries, and your 'aha!' moments about the impact of AI and what it means for us engineers (and everyone else) in the next five years.

Why You Should Come: You know those moments when you’re chatting with someone and you both get super excited because you’re onto something big? We're aiming for a whole afternoon of that. This isn't your typical, stuffy tech event. It's a hangout for curious minds who want to hash out big ideas over a good drink. You'll leave with fresh perspectives, new friends in the tech world, and probably a list of books and projects you'll want to dive into. Trust us; you'll kick yourself if you miss it.

So, mark your calendar and reserve your spot—these kinds of chats are where the future starts, and you'll want to say you were there. Can't wait to share ideas and hear what you're excited about!


Hey, while we've got you, a little about us—we're, a supercharged startup split between San Francisco and Munich. We're shaking up the sales industry in a big way with some cutting-edge AI and ML tech. We're not just watching the future happen; we’re rolling up our sleeves and making it ourselves. Come join the conversation and see what we’re all about.