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Thursday Nights in AI: Adam D'Angelo, Quora (by application only)

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San Francisco, California
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Thank you to and CEO Waseem Daher for hosting our event at their beautiful HQ!

Join us for a fireside chat with Adam D'Angelo, co-founder & CEO of Quora

About Adam D'Angelo: Adam D’Angelo is best known as the co-founder and CEO of Quora. Before that, he served as the CTO and VP of Engineering at Facebook. Adam’s enthusiasm for AI started when he created with Mark Zuckerberg. This program studied what users played on AOL’s Winamp digital music player and made personalized playlists. D’Angelo is still one of the keenest AI enthusiasts in Silicon Valley. While serving on the OpenAI board, he and other Quora engineers built ( Platform for Open Exploration). This platform integrates many LLMs, such as ChatGPT and Anthropic's Claude to fill the gap they observed in the AI marketplace.

About Outset Capital: Outset Capital is led by Ali Rohde, Kanjun Qiu, and Josh Albrecht — AI practitioners investing in AI, deeptech, and the future of work. We back companies at the outset, and love to be the first check in.

About Generally Intelligent: Generally Intelligent is an AI research company building human-like general intelligence by evolving self-supervised architectures to tackle human developmental milestones of increasing complexity. And we are hiring!

About Pilot: Pilot provides bookkeeping, CFO, and tax services for startups and growing businesses. Customers include companies like OpenAI, Lattice, Airtable, and Scale.