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Web3 and Blockchain

Hosted by Amogh Gopadi & Fardin Samir
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About Event

​Hello there, Web3 Enthusiasts

​​We are glad that you're interested in attending this event

​​​✳️ What is the purpose of this Meet-up?

​​​This is an online event for #web3 Enthusiasts to have fun, learn and discuss about Web3 and Blockchain. You are invited to join if you are interested in #web3, #blockchain, #crypto.

​​✳️ What is the Venue of the Meet-up?

​Meeting link will be sent after registration

​​​✳️ Who is eligible to attend?

​Anyone interested in Web3/Blockchain/Crypto

Anyone who wants to transition from web2 to web3.

​​​✳️ When is the Meet-up?

​​​On 9th August'22 from 8:30 pm onwards