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Masterclass - Ace the Stock Market

Hosted by Rushal Heena & SkillsRediscovery
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Want to know how to become wealthy by investing in the stock market?

Want to ace the stock market?

Master Technical Strategies & Tools to Invest Smartly
Build an understanding of technical analysis and automatic signals in technical analysis leading to abundant profits.

Learn various strategies such as -

  • Doji Star Bullish and Bearish

  • Engulfing Bullish and Bearish

  • Hammer

which will broaden your awareness ultimately helping to invest at the right place, at the right time.

​Team SkillsRediscovery✔️ is coming up with a Master Class - Ace The Stock Market by Ms Rishita Motwani, accomplished CA, Financial Architect & Wealth Portfolio Designer.

Who Should Attend
This master class is beneficial for
- working professionals
- artists
- entrepreneurs