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Designing with Accessibility in Mind

Hosted by Design Buddies & Grace Ling
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Join us for a fireside chat with accessibility experts Anna, Bronwen, Trey, and Treyce for a fireside chat to learn about how accessibility plays a role in design, and how to design more inclusive products. It’s important for everyone to have equal access. Submit your questions to ask our speakers on Luma!


​​​🐰 😍 About our Speakers

🇺🇸 Anna Cook - Senior Accessibility Designer at Northwestern Mutual

Anna is a Senior Product Designer that specializes in building inclusive experiences. With over nine years of experience, Anna is dedicated to creating scalable systems to support accessible practices across product teams, from design to quality assurance. Anna is currently a Senior Accessibility Designer at Northwestern Mutual and an M.S. student in Creative Technology & Design at the ATLAS Institute of CU-Boulder.

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🇦🇺 Bronwen Rees - Senior Product Designer - Design Systems and Accessibility Specialist at Xero

Bronwen’s role as a female design leader is to build up, mentor and inspire a generation of great designers. Bronwen aims to level the playing field through collaborative and progressive thinking and taking on the varied challenges that our industry brings to us.

Bronwen’s aim as a designer is to create innovative and extraordinary experiences, that are inclusive of all its users and compliments the worlds needs.

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🇺🇸 Treyce Meredith - Senior Product Designer at OpenTable

Treyce is a goofy, creative, and upbeat human. Treyce was raised in rural Northern California, playing among giant redwoods and lots of tiny bugs.

Treyce am now a product designer focused on creating usable, valuable products. Treyce speaks about accessible and inclusive design.

In Treyce’s spare time, he enjoys staying hydrated, trying crafts on TikTok, and performing improv comedy.

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🇺🇸 Trey Banks - Staff User Experience Designer at The Home Depot

Trey is a UX Designer with over 10 years experience in digital design and problem solving. Trey likes to nurture the growth of UX designers and teams to bring designers continuity in the business. Trey stays current and a student constantly keeps me challenged and it drives my passions forward to maximize Trey’s value as a User Experience professional.

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