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Step into the universe of Account Abstraction and 4337, where user experience is elevated tenfold! Welcome to the first ever Abstract Istanbul event hosted by Starkware, Argent, zkSync, Clave and many more.

Join us for an extraordinary event filled with captivating keynotes and thought-provoking panels on account abstraction and EIP-4337. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to pitch your account abstraction project to top web3 investors.

Register now and secure your spot at Abstract Istanbul –– the premier event for those passionate about combining web3 magic and web2 UX.

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About Starkware
StarkWare is leading the way in scaling Ethereum. The company pioneered the STARK proofs and made this groundbreaking cryptographic system accessible through the Cairo programming language. Combining STARKs and Cairo, it has built Validity-based scaling solutions StarkEx and Starknet. StarkWare’s solutions rely on Ethereum’s security, and have settled over $1T, and over 500M transactions, and minted more than 100M NFTs, serving hundreds of thousands of users.

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About Argent
Argent is a self-custodial smart wallet that pioneered social recovery, a security feature uniquely enabled by Account Abstraction. We’re building the go-to app for all things DeFi.

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About zkSync
zkSync Era is a Layer-2 protocol that scales Ethereum with cutting-edge ZK tech. Our mission is not only to merely increase Ethereum’s throughput, but to fully preserve its foundational values – freedom, self-sovereignty, decentralization – at scale.

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About Clave
Clave is an easy-to-use non-custodial smart wallet platform powered by Account Abstraction and the Hardware Elements (e.g Secure Enclave, Android Trustzone etc.), offering an unique onboarding process for the Web3 users. Our vision is to bring the Web2 UX to the blockchain space and eliminate the long-due Web3 UX problems for the upcoming billions of users.

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