Cover Image for Reward Your Social Media Users with LensAPI Oracle | $1000s in Prizes πŸš€

Reward Your Social Media Users with LensAPI Oracle | $1000s in Prizes πŸš€

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About Event

​This workshop kicks off a TWO-part hack series with Phala Network. Part 2 will be on mainnet, and all verified submissions to Part 1 will be whitelisted for tokens to fund deployments.


Join our Community Manager, BillyJitsu, as he hosts Joshua, Director of Techn Evangelism @ Phala Network, for a Workshop to kick off our Phala LensAPI Oracle challenge ($1000s in prizes and Developer DAO Membership for all submissions -see more below)

​In this workshop, Joshua will showcase how Phala's LensAPI Oracle can help reward users on Lens with unique NFTs based on stats retrieved from LensAPI Oracle.

​You'll gain insights into:

  • ​The capabilities of LensAPI Oracle include user stats, post stats, and custom JavaScript functionalities.

  • ​How to deploy at least one LensAPI Oracle and leverage the limited set of stats to create a unique dApp.

  • ​The potential applications of LensAPI Oracle in rewarding social media users and creating engaging experiences.

​Challenge Details

β€‹πŸ—£οΈ RE Sign-ups - everyone will be issued an NFT as an attestation for your participation in the hack. For non-members, this will also grant access to our Discord for the hack's duration.


  • ​1st Prize - $1,000 in PHA + 1000 CODE tokens

  • ​2nd Prize - $600 in PHA + 750 CODE tokens

  • ​3rd Prize - $400 in PHA + 500 CODE tokens

​All verified submissions: Whitelist for MATIC/PHA Airdrop for deploys in upcoming mainnet hack + 400 CODE tokens - enough to join the Developer DAO Discord - we love build000rs πŸ—οΈ

​Whether you're an experienced developer or just starting, this workshop and challenge offer a unique opportunity to explore the LensAPI Oracle, build innovative projects, and connect with a vibrant community. Don't miss this chance to learn, innovate, and win exciting prizes!

​RSVP now and be part of this exciting journey!