Neurodivergent AANHPI Narratives | An AANHPI Heritage Month Panel

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About Event

Join us for "Neurodivergent AANHPI Narratives | An AANHPI Heritage Month Panel". This panel brings together neurodivergent people from the Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders (AANHPI) communities to share their unique stories, challenges, and successes.

Recognizing the importance of awareness and addressing stigma, this event aims to highlight the diverse experiences and perspectives of AANHPI neurodivergent individuals. Through their stories, we seek to foster a deeper understanding and create a more inclusive community.

Featured panelists:

Eugene Yao @adhdfounder (he/him)
Kiwi Chinese | ADHD

Eugene is an ADHD content creator who rapidly expanded his Instagram to 700k followers in just five months, reaching over 50 million unique accounts across his platforms, with a mission to make people feel less weird and lonely with their symptoms. Previously, he was an entrepreneur who founded multiple start-ups, including a SaaS tool that helped over 1,500 brands with organic marketing.

Dr. Jenny Mai Phan, PhD (she/her)
South-east Asian | Autism

Dr. Phan is a Research Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Autism at Children's National Research Institute and Children's National Hospital. Her research investigates the experiences of neurodiverse youths, with a focus on the intersection of puberty and mental health. An acclaimed advocate for autism, Dr. Phan diligently works to address the needs of marginalized groups such as Asian Americans, autistic women, and gender-diverse youth. She champions the importance of comprehensive sexual health education and robust self-advocacy strategies for autistic individuals.

Farah Jamil, MHA, CEC, CALC, ACC (she/her)
South Asian | ADHD

Farah Jamil is an Executive and ADHD Coach & Founder of Muslim ADHDers, leveraging her Ivy-League education and over 15 years of global leadership experience in sectors including government, non-profit, and academia. She is a recognized leader and speaker, having presented at notable events such as the World Business and Executive Coaches Summit ( and the ADHD Paloozas (Women’s, Parents, & Couples), focused on enhancing neurodiversity awareness and leadership development. She’s extremely passionate about serving the underserved.

Jemarc Axinto (They/She/He) 
Filipinx | ADHD

Jemarc Axinto is a Filipinx, Nonbinary, Trauma Recovery Coach and Wellness Consultant that supports others in their journeys at the intersection of science and spirituality. They have dedicated over ten years of their life to the actualization of a mind, body, spirit balanced no longer withheld by trauma, labels, and roles. They have had the honor of consulting and offering programming for Harvard, Rowan Medical School and many more nonprofit and for-profit organizations around the world. 

Moderating host:

Christal Wang, ACC—in progress, MBA/MPH—on pause (she/her)
Chinese-Canadian | ADHD

Chris (Christal) Wang is the co-founder & CEO of Shimmer. Chris strongly believes in using business as a force for good, and her work at Shimmer has been recognized by Forbes 30 Under 30 and Inc. Female Founders. She is deeply invested in advocating for and supporting various communities she’s a part of, including LGBTQ+, AAPI, women, and neurodiverse.

This event is a collaboration event co-hosted by:

Shimmer is an ADHD coaching platform and community dedicated to supporting neurodivergent adults in reaching their full potential.

AMBIV Collective is a social impact agency that empowers disability and neurodivergent communities to live a meaningful and fulfilling life with research-powered support and community-led solutions.

Asian Americans with Disabilities Initiative (AADI) is a youth-led nonprofit organization aiming to uplift disabled Asian American voices.

Asian Mental Health Project is a nonprofit organization with the mission to educate and empower Asian communities in seeking mental healthcare.

Cold Tea Collective is a media platform and community, sharing the real stories, perspectives, and experiences of the next generation of the Asian diaspora.

Yellow Chair Collective is a culturally responsive and inclusive mental health education and service practice dedicated to serving the BIPOC and Asian American communities.

Entwine Community is a non-profit organization committed to bridging the gaps in culturally responsive and accessible mental health services for Asian American communities.