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Cover Image for Ask a Chief of Staff: The Truth Behind Project Management
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Ask a Chief of Staff: The Truth Behind Project Management

Hosted by Ask a Chief of Staff
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Chiefs of Staff are often responsible for managing multiple projects, on multiple timelines, with interdependent stakeholders. Inevitably, the question, "What's the best tool for project management?" comes up. 🤔

On April 11th, we're excited to host Dominique Lear, Chief of Staff at Incandescent, to share her insights and realizations about project management over her four years as a Chief of Staff. She'll walk us through how to think about project management, and how to confidently confront the hard, knotty questions that the Gantt Charts and Spreadsheets can't answer. Don't miss out on this opportunity — see you there!

You should attend this workshop if:
- You have struggled to find a project management tool that really "fits";
- You're finding that the scope of work you need to keep track of has ballooned overnight and you don't know where to begin;
- You want to develop a "project management" mindset rather than just building tools that are quickly forgotten;

​​​​Please note, there will be a 100-person limit on this event. If you are unable to attend live, we will send a recording of the event afterwards.

​​​More about the Speaker:
Dominique Lear is a Chief of Staff at Incandescent, a boutique management consulting firm focused on how to build, run and create enterprises better. Her focus at the firm is on research and development, and people and project management. Dominique was born and raised in Mexico City, graduated from NYU Abu Dhabi, and now calls New York City home.

​​Ask a Chief of Staff:
Ask a Chief of Staff is a community and recruiting agency that specializes in matching Chiefs of Staff with executives. Founder and CEO, Clara Ma, is a former Chief of Staff who has spent the last 3 years building out an extensive Chief of Staff network and has successfully placed Chiefs of Staff at early stage startups as well as public companies. Learn more at

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