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Masterclass on Getting O-1A Through Agent Route

Hosted by Team Unshackled
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[This Masterclass is hosted as part of the Unshackled club, an exclusive online community for O-1/EB-1/NIW aspirants with 250 members.]

What if you could work for more than one employer on your O-1A?

What if you could freelance and work on multiple projects?

What if you weren't limited to a single company?

That's what the O-1A "Agent" route gives you!

Meet Hitesh Kenjale: a member of the Unshackled community who recently got his O-1A approved as a founder via the Agent route. 🎉

In this comprehensive masterclass, you will have the opportunity to learn about:

  • The difference between the O-1A employer versus agent route

  • Why the Agent route gives you more creative freedom 

  • How to find an Agent who will sponsor your O-1A

  • And, putting together a winning application!

If you're thinking of an O-1A down the line, don't miss this!

About the speaker: Hitesh Kenjale is the co-founder of DesiHangover, an organization working towards the upliftment of the 20,000+ families of the artisan cobbler communities in Kolhapur and Belgaum. He moved to the U.S. in 2021 to pursue his MBA at UC Berkeley. Post graduation, he's currently working toward growing his startup in the U.S. through the newly acquired O-1A visa!

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