Cover Image for AI Meets Web3: Exploring New Horizons with the Internet Computer
Cover Image for AI Meets Web3: Exploring New Horizons with the Internet Computer
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AI Meets Web3: Exploring New Horizons with the Internet Computer

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Welcome to AI Meets Web3: Exploring New Horizons with the Internet Computer, a virtual hackathon that invites all innovation-first builders to create their own blockchain-powered AI solutions on the Internet Computer Protocol.

This hackathon aims to bridge the gap between the world of AI and decentralization by rewarding high-potential projects and directing them to further jumpstart programs offered by IC.

About IC: The Internet Computer adds autonomous serverless cloud functionality to the public internet – making it possible to build almost any system or service entirely on a decentralized network using smart contracts called canisters.


  1. Have a look at the "Key Dates and Events" section for the hackathon dates and our exciting kickoff event.

  2. Join the Dacade Discord (#icp-ai-web3-hackathon channel) and ICP Hub Germany Twitter to stay updated, find your teammates and get advice from other developers.

  3. Review the "Participation Guidelines" section for more information on how to submit your hack.

  4. Check out the "Prizes" section. We are offering a USD $7,000 prize pool to be won.

Check out this Introduction Video on Web3 and AI with Moritz!

Join us in our Kick-off Event!

Get an introduction to the hackathon, ask your questions and meet the community on Friday, 8 December, 2023, 17:00 CET at the Dacade Discord (event-stream voice channel).

Key Dates and Events

  • Kick-off event: Friday, 8 December 2023, 17:00 CET

  • Submissions open: Friday, 8 December 2023, 17:00 CET

  • Submissions close: Monday, 8 January 2024, 23:59 CET

  • Hackathon results: Friday, 12 January 2024

  • Note: You can already start finding your teams and working on your hack beforehand.

Participation Guidelines

Judging Criteria

  • The Dacade team will review your projects. You must have an open source repo (with commits). You can find the full grading criteria on the Challenge page.


The top 3 projects will win the following prizes, along with the chance to receive much higher grants afterwards from IC:

  • First prize: USD $4,000

  • Second prize: USD $2,000

  • Third prize: USD $1,000

Learning Resources


  • You are allowed to have up to 4 members per team.

  • Although this is a virtual hackathon, everyone in the team must be based in Germany.

  • All developers, innovators and tech enthusiasts can participate.

  • Once the hackathon starts, you will get an option to submit your hack. You can only make 1 submission per team.

  • You are expected to come up with new and innovative ideas. Any idea or code that has been copied from somewhere will be disqualified.

  • You may use open source libraries and other freely available systems / services such as Google Maps, Facebook Connect, Twitter feeds etc.

  • The intellectual property of your code belongs to your team.

  • By participating in the hackathon you agree to the terms and conditions of both Dacade and IC.


  • Do I need to pay to register for the hackathon? No, registration for the “AI Meets Web3: Exploring New Horizons with the Internet Computer” is free on Dacade.

  • Do I need to have specific qualifications to participate in the hackathon? Yes, you must be based in Germany to participate.

  • How do I submit what I have made for the hackathon? On the Dacade challenge page, you must submit a description of your project and include a link to your project’s GitHub repo that includes project source code, all necessary graphics, or assets, and instructions to run the application.

  • What is the recommended development environment? You can use one of these SDKs: Azle, Motoko or RUST.

  • Do I need to have the entire idea fully working? The entire idea need not be fully implemented however, the submission should be functional so that it can be reviewed by the judges.

  • Can I bring in an existing application that was previously built for another hackathon? No, you must develop the entire application from scratch.

  • Does one have to be online and available for the entire duration of the Hackathon? No, one does not need to be logged in to Dacade or be online for the entire duration. You can develop the application on your local system based on the given themes and then submit it on the specific challenge page on Dacade.

  • Do I need to give a demo for the product that I have built? Although this is not mandatory, we strongly encourage you to submit a small presentation or video that demos your submission. In case you are one of the winners, you might be invited to demo your application at a future event, details of which will be shared with sufficient advance notice.

  • Who will own the IP (Intellectual Property) Rights to the product that I have built? The developer/developers of the web/mobile application will have all rights and own the IP of the product. However, all code needs to be in public domain (open source) so that it can be evaluated by the judges.

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