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The Power of Focus

Hosted by Ayush 🙏
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Andrew Kamphey has made $100K revenue over the last 2 years just selling Google Sheets templates, videos, memberships and consultancy.

He's the founder of BetterSheets.

It started as a side project, over time, after a number of ups and downs it has become a major source of revenue for Kamphey.

The project has made $50K just in the last 6 months since he's gone full time on it.

That's the power of focus.

Kamphey's story is the perfect example of the power of identifying a profitable niche and doubling down on it.

(He doesn't even talk about Ms Excel, only Google Sheets!)

But was he always like that?

Or did he discover the value of niching down along the way?

Join us for an hour long discussion with The Google Sheets Wizard🧙‍♂️.

And learn the secrets of winning the creator game.