Keep Your Distance: six short musicals about separation - THE STREAMING EVENT

Oct 11 (Sun), 2:30 AM - 5:00 AM Coordinated Universal Time


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Join us for the STREAMING PRESENTATION of all six of our 15 Minute Musicals from the 2020 season, followed by a Q&A sessions with the writers, directors, and performers.

NMI’s annual 15 Minute Musicals have sold out for the past ten years…they’re the hottest ticket in town. “But, NMI, theatres aren’t open right now!” you say? That didn't stop the 15 Minute Musicals. This year, we’ve shot three of them in a greenscreen studio and three of them through Zoom - and now we’re bringing them to you on the small screen.

A View from the Moon. Set in a tropical paradise, in which a Covid-stranded couple has run out of money, and an entitled rich woman thinks she can buy their gratitude and the affection of the hotel proprietor. This is a bittersweet, aching romance. Book by Richard Holland, music by Ben Ginsberg, lyrics by Stacey Weingarten.

The Traitor. Set in a dystopian post-Covid future in which touching has become outlawed and even insurrectionistic. We’re in a prison cell, in which an interrogator is trying to get two of the prisoners to turn on the third…any two…so long as someone’s found guilty. It has a dramatic, almost operatic score. Book and lyrics by Stephen K. Nolly, music by Ron Barnett.

I Need Space. Poor Andrey…he’s scheduled to leave on a flight for Mars in two hours, but fear of germs and sudden lack of toilet paper confines him to a bathroom, to the eternal horror of his roommates who have been trying to get rid of him for months. Can the unscrupulous Toilet Paper Blackmarketeer save the day? Book and music by Sergei Stern, lyrics by Jordan Toopes.

Close (But Not Too Close). Too nervous to meet that special someone in person just yet? Why not try “” where you can check out the person of your dreams online. But watch out for scammers who may be looking for something other than love! Book by Paloma Sierra, music by Dusty Sanders, lyrics by Julia Koyfman.

Breakout. Siblings Jean and Jake are finding it extremely difficult to move on with their lives when divorced Mom and Dad are still openly feuding. One family Zoom session probably can’t make up for all the lost time, but can it at least help find a path forward? Book by Lalit Sritara, music by Evan Johnson, lyrics by Kellan Meador.

A Perfect Wedding. How can a mother give her daughter the perfect wedding that she never got to have when COVID forces everyone and everything to cancel at the last second? Book by Nicola Scott, music and lyrics by Laura Watkins.

We are delighted to announce that support for this program was provided through the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, Arts Development Fee Program. They really helped us transfer these musicals from the stage to the screen. Please thank them if you get the chance: 201 N Figueroa St #1400, Los Angeles, CA 90012

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