Cover Image for Solarpunk Future 2024
Cover Image for Solarpunk Future 2024
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Solarpunk Future 2024

Hosted by reimagine jobs
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About Event

Happening on June 29th from 1-5pm! Part interactive art show, part job fair, join geek creatives and green innovators for an event full of performances, exhibits, and art installations which will give all ages and walks of life the opportunity to be inspired by the sustainable future that we can collectively create.

Come for food, fun, and a hopeful vision of our future!

Solarpunk is an art, literature, and political movement juxtaposed in opposition to the cyberpunk concept of the future. While cyberpunk often depicts a postapocalyptic, dystopian and disconnected future, solarpunk imagines a community-led, sustainable future that offers a hopeful alternative to the uptick in climate-doomism circulating in social media. Solarpunk provides us a goal to work towards together.

Velum Fermentation
2120 Jane St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203, USA
33 Going