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AI + Accessibility: Building Equitable Futures with Machine Learning (Presentation + Discussion) - Hybrid Event

Hosted by 11:11 Philosophers Group & 3 others
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How can we forecast and prevent future AI-driven discrimination?

Instances of AI-driven discrimination have become alarmingly frequent. Algorithms display racial bias in facial recognition systems, AI chatbots struggle with non-standard speech patterns hindering communication for individuals with certain speech impairments, and search engines prioritize content, disadvantaging those with limited digital literacy.

Our event, "AI + Web Accessibility: Building Equitable Futures with Machine Learning," includes a short presentation followed by an open discussion to directly address and dissect these challenges. The presentation will introduce current accessibility tools and policies that reduce discrimination by AI. The open conversation that follows will brainstorm new methods for mitigating discriminatory instances in AI systems, working toward a proposal for greater testing of discrimination from AI.

We hope that this meetup introduces current thoughts + solutions around AI-driven discrimination, while also bringing together the small but growing community of those who are interested in AI + Accessibility.

Hosted by Blake Bertuccelli-Booth, creator of the open-source accessibility platform Equalify and owner of Decubing, a web development firm.

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