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Cover Image for Beginners Youth Pottery Class
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Beginners Youth Pottery Class

Hosted by Karla Marie
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This is a multi-session event. You will get access to all the following sessions.
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​This term has flexible start dates depending when your teen is ready to join. Please feel free to contact us directly to confirm your start date.

β€‹πŸŽ¨ Youth Handbuilding Pottery Class for Teens (Ages 13-18) 🌟

​Unleash Creativity: A 6-Week Pottery Adventure for Teens!

​Welcome to our Youth Handbuilding Pottery Class, designed specifically for teenagers aged 13 to 18. Over six exciting weeks, students will dive into the fascinating world of handbuilding in pottery, mastering key techniques and expressing their creativity.

​Course Overview:

​Week 1: Introduction to Handbuilding and Pinching Technique

  • ​Objective: Grasp the basics of handbuilding and the pinching method.

  • ​Activities: Learn studio safety, handbuilding tools, and create with the pinching technique.

​Week 2: Slab Building - Crafting Mugs, Boxes, or Vases

  • ​Objective: Discover slab building for functional and decorative items.

  • ​Activities: Roll and cut clay slabs to assemble unique mugs, boxes, or vases.

​Week 3: Coil Building for Organic Forms

  • ​Objective: Explore coil construction for complex shapes.

  • ​Activities: Create pots or sculptural forms using clay coils, focusing on smoothness and joinery.

​Week 4: Post-Firing Sanding and Preparation

  • ​Objective: Refine pottery pieces post-bisque firing.

  • ​Activities: Sand and smooth surfaces, preparing for the glazing process.

​Week 5: The Art of Glazing

  • ​Objective: Learn about and apply various glazes.

  • ​Activities: Understand glaze effects and apply them for stunning finishes.

​Week 6: Show and Tell Celebration

  • ​Objective: Display and discuss completed works.

  • ​Activities: Showcase handmade pottery, engage in group feedback, and celebrate achievements.

​Special Features:

  • ​All Materials Provided: Including clay and glazes.

  • ​Show and Tell Session: Parents and friends are invited to the final session to celebrate the students' accomplishments.

  • ​Outcome: Students will leave with a solid foundation in handbuilding techniques, their own handmade pottery, and a deeper appreciation for ceramic arts.

​T's & C's:

  • ​Payment Plans: Available but classes fill quickly. Contact Karla Marie to arrange.

  • ​Tuition: Non-transferable once the term starts.

  • ​Included: All clay, tools, and firing fees, unless otherwise stated.

​Refund Policy:

  • ​Cancellations: Contact us for assistance. Refunds are not guaranteed.

  • ​Last-Minute Cancellations: No refunds within 1 week of start date unless a replacement is found.


  • ​Make-Up Classes: Limited options at $60/session.

  • ​Class Cancellations: Full refund for insufficient enrollment.

  • ​Tutor Changes: We reserve the right to change tutors but will inform you in advance.

​Our Commitment:

​At KMC Studios, we are sensitive to life's unexpected events and committed to supporting each student's pottery journey.

β€‹πŸ’“ Thank you for joining us. Let's make pottery that tells your unique story! πŸ’“

Karla Marie Ceramics
G02/111 Dixon Street, Te Aro, Wellington 6011, New Zealand
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