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“My Stories Matter: Workshop & Q&A”

Hosted by Amy Nubson & Robert Verhelst
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With each new day… an opportunity for a new life story to arise. Are you ready to document and perfect it? 

We teach you how to create a story catcher and document your stories as they happen. We are constantly learning and evolving, and so do our stories. Of course, we have our tried and true stories, the ones who made us who we are today, and they don’t need to disappear but don’t forget to make room for new ones as well. 

With each new story, a clear cycle or behavior might surface, giving you an opportunity to recognize and develop a new thread of thinking. Join us as we talk about “My Story Matters.”

This FREE Q&A event is LIVE, and the structure will be;

• quick overview of the impact you can make

• answer any questions you have

• LIVE Your Voice coaching from Amy & Fireman Rob