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Marketing Your Brand: Free Q&A + Workshop

Hosted by Amy Nubson & Robert Verhelst
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Now that you know who you are and how to speak with impact, it's time to market ourselves. This is one of the hardest things for people and businesses to do. It's usually done "when I have time," so it's inconsistent with your brand and audience.

Amy has been promoting small businesses for over 15 years. This is your opportunity to ask her anything; she will give you real answers you can implement!

Our webinars will be available online so that you can view them before this event on your time. (The link will be available soon and emailed to you.)

This FREE Q&A event is LIVE, and the structure will be;
• quick overview of the impact you can make
• answer any questions you have
• LIVE Your Voice coaching from Amy & Fireman Rob