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Private Event

“Where to Find New Leads for Speaking: Workshop & Q&A”

Hosted by Amy Nubson & Robert Verhelst
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Leads! We all need them, and it always appears that some people are luckier than others to get them. NOT TRUE.

It takes time and effort to get leads. If you're waiting around for someone to discover you, it will not happen. You must take action!!

But what action should you take? Well, you're at the perfect place, you get to ask us anything at this free event. Find out how we get leads for our business, speaking engagements, and workshops. 

We will be sharing our secrets with you.

This FREE Q&A event is LIVE, and the structure will be;

• quick overview of the impact you can make

• answer any questions you have

• LIVE Your Voice coaching from Amy & Fireman Rob