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Workshop: How to 2x your self-serve revenue

Hosted by ProductLed & Wes Bush
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​When you're in the daily grind, it's hard to uncover exactly what is bottlenecking your growth.

Is it your...

  • ​Onboarding?

  • ​Free model?

  • ​Pricing strategy?

​On June 20, Wes Bush will break down the three phases of growth for a product-led business and share with you the nine components you need to master to truly 2x your self-serve revenue.

We'll walk through an exercise that'll show you where you need to focus to gain the most leverage in your business. You'll leave knowing where you're getting stuck.

There is a small fee attached to this workshop. We've found that a small pricing barrier helps weed out those who aren't serious about implementing this strategy.

*This workshop is geared toward Founders and CEOs who are bought into PLG and are ready to smash through any barriers they're facing – whether it be onboarding, pricing, model, or something else.