Cover Image for Woman UP! Success In The Boardroom And Beyond!
Cover Image for Woman UP! Success In The Boardroom And Beyond!

Woman UP! Success In The Boardroom And Beyond!

Hosted by Launch Club Capital
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Launch Club Capital is excited to announce that we are partnering with the powerhouses behind ‘Woman The F*** Up’ to bring you Woman UP! Success in the boardroom and beyond!

We are delighted to be hosting an empowering two-part workshop series spread across two weekends on the 11th & 18th of May. This workshop series is specifically designed for female founders whatever stage you're at in your entrepreneurial journey🚀

We will be joined by Y Combinator Alumni, Forbes 30 under 30, an Ex-Dragons Den star and more!

There’s going to be Panel talks, Q&A’s and Workshops all led by amazing industry leaders. We will be covering a broad range of topics including Presenting with confidence, Workplace culture, Inclusion and diversity, Product, AI and the list goes on!

Come and connect, collaborate, and cultivate meaningful relationships with like-minded women in a vibrant networking environment! Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your game and expand your network.

 The Starts!

Emma Sayle – Founder of Killing Kittens, Sistr, Safe Date, The Sisterhood

Emma is the pioneering UK entrepreneur behind Killing Kittens, a global empowerment brand launched in 2005, now part of KK Group, which includes WAX social dating app, Sistr and Safedate and a network of 200,000+ members worldwide. She's run events globally and an online community for sexual empowerment. In 2021, KK was named Growth Business of the Year, with Emma being a finalist in multiple entrepreneur awards.

Recognised as a leader in women's empowerment, Emma's featured in top entrepreneur lists and media outlets. An extreme sports enthusiast, she's raised over £1M for women's charities while balancing motherhood and global business leadership.

Sophie Stardust 

Sophie is an award-winning entrepreneur who specialises in creating bespoke planners and journals, coupled with expert marketing support for speakers, coaches and authors.

Renowned for her innovative approach to productivity and marketing, drawing on 20+ years of business and marketing experience (incl working with Emma on the KK marketing and community teams since 2020), a history in the holistic and wellbeing space, and a passion for work-life balance, Sophie's unique blend of creativity and strategic insight empowers her clients to achieve the winning combination of both professional success and personal fulfillment.

Calandra Balfour

Calandra is an innovative entrepreneur, business mentor and therapist, leading with her sex shops Lust!, Taboo, and the sex therapy practice Risk To Live. She holds space for women to explore and express their desires, aligning with the WTFU mission of empowering women to live boldly and unapologetically.

Featured on UK's Channels 4 and 5, she advocates for open conversations about sex, challenging outdated norms and inspiring women to embrace their true selves, support each other, and realise their full potential.

Claire Doré

Claire is a dating and relationship coach, keynote speaker, writer, dating expert on Dublin City FM, global retreat leader and author.

Passionate about helping individuals get out of their heads and into their bodies, Claire is on a mission to dismantle generational shame and rise above the b*llshit, enabling her clients to show up fully, own their sexuality and create a life on their terms.

Francesca James – Founder of Ideas Fest and GBEA

The founder of Ideas Fest, Great British Entrepreneur Awards. All about fostering entrepreneurship and driving business growth across the UK. Francesca offers a suite of programmes, events, and communities designed to support and celebrate entrepreneurs at all stages.

Tatiana Saveleva – Forbes 30 under 30

Serial AI entrepreneur, winner of the Yandex Hackathon and Ex CEO of EVA AI where she masterminded a 15 fold increase in revenue. Tatiana is nothing short of remarkable. She was also the head of AI for Yandex.

Siddhi Mittal – Co-Founder of yhangry – Y Combinator 22’ alumni

Siddhi has been in AI since 2013 and eventually spent 6.5yrs in trading doing asset back secured and financial subordinated debt (sometimes distressed), and ran a balance sheet of over £500m+ in risk assets before she decided to find a co-founder and start the amazing yhangry!

Diana Matei – Product consultant and coach

Diana is an amazing Product consultant and coach who has worked with some of the best in the business at the likes of Skyscanner, Clearscore, Tesco & Gousto. She knows exactly how to build and cultivate the product mindset, the thinking that will help you validate ideas at speed, iterate and build products that generate value.

Liza Goddard –

Liza Goddard is an accomplished English television and stage actress. Best known for her work in the 1970s and 1980s, she has appeared in popular TV shows like Doctor Who and Bergerac! As well as the amazing movie Skippy! With a career spanning decades, Goddard has become a beloved figure in the entertainment industry, captivating audiences with her talent and charm

Zoe Clews –

Zoe Clews Associates is one of the most recommended specialist hypnotherapy, therapy, executive and personal development coaching and wellbeing clinics in London and the UK.
With a career spanning over two decades, she specializes in helping individuals overcome various challenges, from anxiety and phobias to weight management and addiction.

Cynthia Fortlage she/her – 

Cynthia Fortlage (she/her) is a London-based entrepreneur with over 25 years of corporate experience. She's an expert in simplifying processes, strategic planning, and leadership. Cynthia also champions human rights, gender diversity, and sexuality. Despite facing challenges as a lesbian woman with a trans history, she's a globally recognised LGBT+ executive and speaker. Cynthia held prominent leadership positions and is a board member of Outright International, the UN Secretariat on LGBTIQ issues. Her commitment to advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging is genuinely inspiring

Elizabeth Cowper –

Elizabeth Cowper has over 20 years of HR leadership experience and is a working mother of 3 and Founder of Ludo. Ludo provides multi-award winning tech for inclusion in the workplace.

Elizabeth spent her HR career working for brands such as Planet Organic, Harvey Nichols, LVMH and Tapestry. Tapestry is the umbrella company for Coach, kate spade and Stuart Weitzman where Elizabeth was VP HR Europe, Global Head of Wellbeing and on the Global DEI Committee. Elizabeth has been described as the ‘Culture Adjuster’ and was listed in the HR Most Influential Awards 5 years straight.

Elizabeth understands how to engage talent, drive wellbeing in the workplace, power the success of women at work and create a strong culture of inclusion. It’s her thing. In 2022 Ludo won Inclusion Initiative of the year by Corporate Livewire and Rising Stars in Corporate Wellbeing. Ludo won Global HR Tech of the Year 2023. Elizabeth has been listed as one of 10 Most Futuristic Business Women Pioneering Innovation 2022 and Top Five Unstoppable Women Leaders to Watch 2023. Elizabeth has been recognised as top 10 HR Most Influential and did a Ted Talk in 2023 ‘Divine Feminine Burned Out’

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