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🧟Show and Tell: "White Meat: A Philadelphia Zombie Movie" with David Dylan Thomas

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“True story, beneath Washington Square, an urban park in Philadelphia, lie buried the bodies of hundreds of enslaved people. What if, one night, they all came back as zombies…but they only ate white people?

The movie is called White Meat. So, I've been working on this idea for a while. Ever since I learned that fun fact, actually. At first it was just a whim. A clever joke. But after seeing movies like Get Out and understanding just how much work a horror film can do to be about real ideas and especially ideas related to social justice, I realized this movie could be way more than just a clever joke.

And so I did the research. I consulted with friends who know way more about this sort of thing than I do and got recommendations about what to read, watch, and listen to. Remember how I kept insisting you all read The Half Has Never Been Told? That was because I read it to learn more about slavery to write this script!

I looked at zombie films across the history of cinema and Black horror films that explored racial themes and learned about the surprisingly racially charged history of the very idea of zombies and toured historic sites in Philadelphia and slowly, but surely the story came together.” - David Dylan Thomas

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