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✨Weekly Review

Hosted by ✨ Alessandra White
This is a multi-session event. Please choose the sessions you would like to register for.
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You want dope cheat for productivity?
Then you want to do WEEKLY REVIEWS!✨
Even if you're new to Weekly Reviews, no problemo.
We're here to help. Just show up.

We run your co-working session with a pre-selected playlist to enhance flow. 🎧

💥European time-friendly Monday Weekly P/Review!💥

💥Down-Under time-friendly Thursday Weekly P/Review includes a Bonus second hour we call, "Thirsty Thursday!" #BYOB 🍷

Whichever day (or both!) works for you it's a specialty CWH chill flow workspace that and we'd love to share it with you. 💖

I'm Alessandra White,
Founder & Creative Director
Creative Work Hour for Weekly Reviews.

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