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Community Beyond Discord

Hosted by David Litwak & 3 others
Past Event
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Metamask + Satellite + Maxwell Social + Showfields + New Friendship Tech + HerHouse + Snaxshot + Dropverse present...

Community Beyond Discord

With: Los Dos Tequila, FeverTree, Doge Vodka & Drink Lunar
Special guests: Kevin The Monkey, Elsewhere, Sharkey, NiftyKit, Dropverse
And community Frens from: Azuki, Otherdeeds, Doodles, Mfers, Orange DAO, Quantum Key, LaunchHouse, CloneX, Dippies, Mfers, Dobies, and Just Ape

Explore the intersection of web3 and community IRL as we bring together a diverse community of innovators in retail, social life, food & beverage, entertainment, art and technology for an immersive experience with the top NFT collectors in NYC

RSVP and open bar all night @ the iconic Showfields flagship.

This is the friends and family invite-only list. Please do not post to public social media sites.

Floor 1: Welcome Lounge, the Showfields Retail Experience, and NFT Gallery and Art Installations.

Floor 2: Panels and Fireside Chats

7:30pm : NFT Artist Panel - fireside chat with featured visual artist displaying work.

8:30pm : Onboarding Musicians to Web3 - How musicians can get involved and monetize their work

9:30 : Fireside Chat w/ David Litwak of Maxwell Social on URL to IRL - Manu Seve of talks with David about how NFTs and DAOs can introduce new incentive structures IRL.

Floor 3: Music, Discovery & Metaverse Lounges: NFT performing musicians & DJs, new NFT project showcases and more.

Floor 4: The Maxwell x Snaxshot Kitchen Island. Take a sneak peek at the private members club launching October 2022 in Tribeca where you'll own your own liquor locker, pour your own drinks, cook in the kitchen and your membership is an NFT.

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