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Cover Image for Web3 Corporate Innovation Day
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Join us at Decentral House on June 13th for Corporate Innovation Day, hosted by Decentral House with Web3Fest Switzerland!

This summit focuses on the significant rise of blockchain technology and its transformative effects across vital sectors such as finance, impact, and consumers.

Discussions Include:

  • Impact of Web3 on Consumers: Understand how Web3 redefines consumer engagement and sets new expectations.

  • Evolution of Blockchain for Good: Analyze how blockchain initiatives are making significant strides in the social and environmental spheres.

  • Financial Industry On-Chain: Discuss the integration of blockchain technology within traditional financial frameworks.

Confirmed speakers:
Chris Fabian - UNICEF & Co-Founder of Giga
Dyma Budorin - CEO & Co-Founder of Hacken
Michael Mouradian - Circle
Philippe Meyer - BBVA
Guillaume Chatain - Societe Generale - FORGE
Rayan Houdrouge - Walder Wyss
Alexander Brunner - Home of Blockchain Swiss
Marc Degen - Trust Square
Carmen Hett - UNHCR
Carlos Martin Doncel - Swissquote
David Palmer - Vodafone
Alexandre Maaza - Cardano


13:30 - Doors open

14:00 -WELCOME

14:15 - Corporate Landscape of Geneva, CCIG

14:30 - Innovation Landscape in Geneva, OCEI

14:35 - PANEL 1 | Impact of Web3 on Consumers, Hacken, MultiversX, Swiss NFT Association (moderator)

15:05 - Why Corporate Innovation in Web3, Trust Square

15:20 - Giga & Interconnectivity, UNICEF

15:35 - PANEL 2 | Evolution of Blockchain for Good, UNHCR, Cardano. WalderWyss, The Green Block, Daily Coin (moderator)


16:20 - Importance of Ecosystem, CVA

16:35 - PANEL 3 | Financial Industry On-Chain, BBVA, SG-FORGE, Swissquote, Circle, BeInCrypto (moderator)

17:05 - Geneva's Diverse Ecosystem, Good Token Society

17:20 - Freedom to Innovate (Switzerland), Home of Blockchain.Swiss

17:35 - Decentral House Presentation

17:50 - APERO & Networking

21:00 - Doors Close

Media partners: Cointelegraph, BeInCrypto, L'Agefi, BTC-Echo, NewsBTC, Daily Coin

Decentral House
Rte des Jeunes 5D/6th floor, 1227 Genève, Switzerland
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