Cover Image for VIP: Venice Innovator Party •  #NFTLA Community Week Event
Cover Image for VIP: Venice Innovator Party •  #NFTLA Community Week Event
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VIP: Venice Innovator Party • #NFTLA Community Week Event

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Los Angeles, California
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About Event

Join us for a beautiful evening. The market's bullish turn promises a night of vibrant conversations, and genuine connection. Mingle with the community's brightest as we unveil a revolutionary announcement set to redefine the NFT landscape. Celebrate the future with us, under the bright lights, and be part of the next big leap forward.

Some big announcements will be made. History will be written.

6:30PM-7PM: Arrival

7PM: Networking & Refreshments

8PM-9PM: Conversations by the Fire

9PM-11PM Networking & Music

This event is brought you in partnership by Vatom, Lamina1, and Edge of Company.

About Vatom:

Vatom's mission is to enable both companies and individuals to easily engage directly with the emerging Web3. We do this because we believe this will help unleash unlimited creative and financial opportunities for every person on the planet.

About Lamina1

LAMINA1 is the fabric of the open metaverse — a blockchain providing builders and creators a usable framework to create a better online future. We are building a batteries-included blockchain, API, and creator tooling optimized for ease of use, performance, and interoperability in the next online era. Together, we'll use it to empower a new generation of interconnected, immersive experiences across gaming, entertainment, fashion, music, and beyond.  

About Edge of Company

The Edge Of Company, is a pioneering emerging technology media, event, and advisory venture dedicated to pushing technological boundaries and redefining human potential. With a focus on web3, AI, other emerging technologies, and culture, the Edge Of Company aims to bridge the gap between these domains, fostering innovation, collaboration, and exploration.

Struck Crypto:

Struck Crypto is an early-stage crypto venture capital fund that is discovering and distributing decentralized innovations. Struck Crypto was the first investor in Mythical Games and an early investor in Zero Hash. The fund has also invested in 1inch, Synthetix, Shardeum, and other leading crypto infrastructure companies.

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Los Angeles, California
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