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A-Z of Being a Freelance Growth Marketer

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Join us LIVE and meet Sourabh on Feb 5th at 3pm IST

- the founder of of SuccessBrew (a digital marketing agency) & The Goalchy Club Community

- an international bestselling author of 'The Growth Hacking Book 2'.

If you would like to listen to Sourabh share all his learnings and experiences around digital marketing, growth hacking and running an agency, tune in on Saturday!

Sourabh invested 5 years in learning sales, marketing, and branding as a commission-based sales professional he traveled multiple countries and got the chance to work with millionaires. In these experimental years, he interacted one-to-one with over 5000 people to understand their problems and growth challenges. He is recognized as Influential Person of the year 2021 by Asian African chamber of commerce.

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