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Creating Copy ft. Pragati Gupta

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​The art of writing & wordsmithing is one of deeply intrigue and beauty. Join us with Pragati Gupta, as we delve deeper into this world.

​​🚨 LIVE on March 23rd, at 5pm IST

​Find out about:

​✒️ how you can become a brilliant copywriter and freelancer!

​✒️ how you can develop & adapt your writing style to best suit the occasion

​✒️ how you can use your experience, expertise & scope of work to price and pitch your services

​✒️ how you can best use self-promotion


​Pragati is a professional content creator & copywriter. Combining creative writing ability & advertising skills, she can write a copy that sells.

​She helps purpose-driven businesses to transform ideas into powerful copy and content, so that they can attract the best minds and convert readers into the most passionate customers. Pragati has worked with 30+ companies so far.


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