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Ghostwriting 101 ft. Hardik Lashkari

Hosted by AdventuRise
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What does it take to be a ghostwriter? To create content for some amazing personalities? How can you connect with founders and influencers?

Join our LIVE conversation with Hardik Lashkari on March 16th, at 7pm IST to find out!!

​In this live event, you can learn more about how you can create valuable resources + alternate income streams, as you listen to some of Hardik's personal experiences writing e-books. You can also delve deeper into the various facets of copy writing and freelancing~

Hardik is a freelance copywriter for fintech and marketing brands, and a ghostwriter for busy influencers and leading digital influencers, such as Raj Shamani! He primarily writes in the finance, marketing, startups and entrepreneurship, leadership and self-development niches. Off-work, Hardik reads books, listens to podcasts, watches MS Dhoni videos, and talks to as many people as he can.

Here's how Hardik describes his relationship with writing: " If I am ever stuck in an elevator with a naked woman, a laptop, and a thesaurus, you’ll find me doing ONLY one thing - “Finding a synonym in the thesaurus to write on the laptop about life-lessons I learned while being stuck with a naked woman in an elevator. Does it prove my eternal love for writing?"

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