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TrustBridge Forum-Bridging Trust and Value for a Connected Digital Future

Hosted by Ant Group Digital Technologies & tnglobal
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This event is dedicated to exploring the intersection of AI, Web3, and RWA, with a focus on building trust and creating value in our rapidly evolving digital landscape.

In this forum, we aim to bring together industry leaders, technology experts, and enthusiasts to discuss the transformative potential of emerging technologies and their impacts on the connected digital future.


14:00-14:30 : Registration

14:30-14:40 : Opening remarks

Geoff JIANG , Senior Vice President of Ant Group, 

CEO of Ant Group Digital Technologies

14:40-15: 00:Open Innovation and Collaboration: Partnership with Startups and Ecosystem Players

Yan MENG , Co-founder, SFT Labs & Solv Protocol

15:00-15:20 : The Next Step of Web3 Infrastructure

Ying YAN , Chief Scientist of Antchain Open Labs

15:20-16:00 : Cost-Benefit Analysis of Web3 Transition

  1. Terrence HOOI, Co-founder & CEO of Singular Global

  2. Arthur TAN, Chief of Marketing & Head of Investor Relations, TPay

  3. Zhexin WAN, Head of Research, Ample FinTech

  4. [Moderator] Paolo RENTERO, Co-founder and Director from TechShake

16:00-16:20 : Reshaping the Finance Industry with 

Pioneering AI Applications

Derrick LOI, General Manager of International Business, Ant Group Digital Technologies

16:20-16:40 : Unlocking the Potential of RWA in Web3

Chenguang ZHANG, Head of Product, ZAN

16:40-17:20 : The Fintech Landscape in 2030

  1. James TAN, Managing Partner at Quest Ventures

  2. Genping LIU, Venture Partner at Vertex Ventures, Southeast & India

  3. Helen WONG, Managing Partner at AC Ventures

  4. [Moderator] Josh ZHANG, Partner at TechNode

17:20-18:00: Networking