How to Use TruAgePACE in Your Anti-Aging Practice



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Aging is the number one risk factor for all chronic diseases and death.  As a result, improving our aging process is paramount to increasing lifespan, and quality of life, and reducing the risk of disease.

In recent years, measuring the aging rate of a patient has become extremely precise and informative. With these new diagnostic tools, you can quantify your patient's biggest risk factor for almost every negative health outcome and find the interventions which objectively reduce your patient's age.

In this class, Ryan will discuss how these clocks have evolved to become effective clinical tools and how to implement this testing into your practice to objectively treat aging as a primary outcome.

5 Learning Objectives

  • What is DNA methylation?

  • Why is DNA methylation the best way to measure aging?

  • How should I choose which biological age algorithm or test to use?

  • How can I implement this into my anti-aging offering?

  • What treatments have been shown to improve aging?

Ryan Smith is the founder of TruDiagnostic. TruDiagnostic CLIA lab and health data company is recognized as a world leader in aging diagnostics.

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