Introduction to Epigenetic Aging and Review of Ways to Turn Back the Clock



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Learn how to use the TruAge Complete Collection Lab Test to find a patients real epigenetic age.

Aging is the #1 risk factor for all chronic disease and death.

However, chronologic age has not been a sufficient measurement due to large phenotypic differentiation.

Now, through advanced epigenetic testing, we have a way to quantify the aging process molecularly.

We will discuss the history of this measurement, how it can be used in your clinical practice, and how to turn back the aging clock to reduce your biggest risk factor of every chronic disease through lifestyle, diet, medications, procedures, and much more.

In this class you'll learn:

  1. What Influences these Epigenetic Clocks?

  2. How can Epigenetic Clocks predict Disease Outcomes?

  3. What can Change Epigenetic Clocks?

  4. What other things can Methylation tell us?

  5. How do healthcare providers use this in their clinics?

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