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A Trauma-Informed Approach to the Satipatthana Sutta (Online Only)

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The Satipatthana Sutta or the Four Foundations of Mindfulness is regarded as one of the most significant of all of the Buddha’s Theravada discourses. It contains a complete set of teachings designed to integrate meditation into all parts of daily life, promote balance, and realize the end of suffering. Yet for many, even after decades of practice, we are not able to realize the potential that the Buddha promises these teachings can bring. Join us this evening as we look at different kinds of trauma, how they limit our ability to practice, and an overview of trauma-informed approaches to the Four Foundations of Mindfulness.

Online via Zoom: (password: 108108)
or 301-715-8592 to join by phone. Meeting ID: 545 039 806

This class is open to everyone. No prior meditation experience is required.

Amma Thanasanti supports you in growing up through developmental stages, cleaning up trauma and attachment wounding, waking up to your essential nature, and showing up fully to have authentic connections with others. She has been meditating for over 40 years. She was a Theravada Buddhist Nun for 26 years including 20 years in the Ajahn Chah Forest Tradition. She has been teaching meditation retreats internationally since 1996.

Decades of living in monastic communities showed her several ways that ending suffering required more than what was available from Insight meditation practices and ethical guidelines; particularly true when individuals were dealing with developmental trauma. She returned to civilian life in 2017.

Amma’s North Star is the truth where love, pervasive awareness, and the power of the land teach and support her every day.