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2022 Thread Haus Commemoration

Hosted by Manny Jackson & Seker Factory DAO
Past Event
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About Event

Seker Factory DAO presents to you, the Thread Haus Fashion Experience.

Join us Tuesday, December 20th, for an unforgettable evening commemorating the 2022 journey of Thread Haus. Enjoy this opportunity to celebrate the holidays as Thread Haus provides a one-of-a-kind NFT fashion experience coupled with VR/AR components, live performances, and the chance to bring home an exclusive NFT that comes with a physical collector's piece, and so much more.

  • Upcyclers Documentary screening.

  • Digital art featuring PaX & Q, Joseph Brandon, and Degen Reloaded.

  • Special musical performances by YUNICE and special guest, Tiara Jackson.

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Include your ETH wallet address to receive a special airdrop from Thread Haus. Additionally, check your RSVP confirmation email for a chance to redeem a limited-edition commemorative NFT!


Thread Haus

Thread Haus is a movement that creates sustainable, multi-functional, gender-neutral apparel and accessories. We share a vision to embody a vertically integrated manufacturing component created for the people, by the people – establishing a brand based around the business model that took a few sustainable development goals (SDGs) and built a brand from the ground up. Educating Community + Creating Sustainable Innovative Solutions. Learn more at

Owl Protocol

Thread Haus' Dynamic NFTs have been built in collaboration with Owl Protocol.
Owl Protocol is creating a global open standard for smart contract based Dynamic NFTs, as well as no-code UX and tools, to make interactive mechanics for NFTs accessible to all creators, artists, and game developers. Learn more at

Seker Factory DAO

Seker Factory DAO is an organization focused on decentralized curation and defining culture in the arts. We provide the services of incubating and supporting creators, promoting the creative commons, and exposing artists to the power of retaining their autonomous rights in the entertainment industry. With a 4k square-foot physical location in the heart of DTLA and a community composed entirely of creatives, technologists, collectors, and web3 explorers with deep, tried-and-true industry experience, one of our main goals is to provide the resources and support of incubators, record labels, and galleries to artists without the value extractors that often come with those platforms. Learn more at