Dan Greenwald

Family first. Time is my greatest commodity. Seeking authenticity vs. approval. Mantra: "fear equals opportunity"

ThirtyTenZero is a way to navigate life with greater intention and self-awareness.

We see human creatures as creatures.

We know time is our greatest commodity.

We seek authenticity not approval.

Guiding Mantra: "Fear Equals opportunity

Guiding Principles: 1. Must be simple-simple-easy 2. Provide immediate and practical impact/value

ThirtyTenZero started as a system designed to tap my inner power, define my current target and create success metrics to guide and motivate me to achieve. I needed a system to keep me out of my own way.

Since 2019, more than 100 people have used ThirtyTenZero. Testing and creating different variations, the ThirtyTenZero way emerged.

With an increase of courage, clarity, and energy, some of us have been reignited to act.

Below are some of the visions being actualized.