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The Happiness Series V

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โ€‹4 Days. 4 Topics. 1 Goal...Happiness. ๐Ÿ˜„

โ€‹Join us for The Happiness Series V, where we will explore the ins and outs of Evolving our Lifestyle. From November 29th โ€” December 2nd, 8:30pm to 10:00pm ET, Vivekji will take us on a journey of transformation from calmness-quietness-stillness to Happiness.

  • โ€‹Day 1: we will explore Satsanga (association with nobility) and how when our lifestyles are infused with meaning, we invoke calmness, focus, and inclusivity.

  • โ€‹Day 2: we will explore Sattva (quietude of mind) and how this quality can be nurtured by invoking integrity in our vision and cheer in our lifestyle.

  • โ€‹Day 3: we will explore Satya (non-compromising) as a means to living ideally, with a still and focused intellect.

  • โ€‹Day 4: we will explore Satt (sense of Infinitude, oneness) and how evolving our lifestyle to one that is quiet-calm-still can shift our desires for dependent joy to the realization of independent Joy.

  • โ€‹Dynamics will include Space (desha) Management, Time (kala) Management, Matter (vastu) Management, and Living Management.

โ€‹This unique and interactive workshop will take place virtually, so that anyone of any age can join. Register and spread the word! โœจ

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