Cover Image for Pause Terra (beta) – a side event for GEC23

Pause Terra (beta) – a side event for GEC23

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About Event

“It was both uncomfortable and exhilarating. I loved the energy!”

“It was an opportunity to play, with no agenda.”

“Meeting totally new people and pushing out of my comfort zone.”

“It's a story based format that flattened the corporate hierarchy.”

Hey there, Storyteller! 

Welcome to Pause Terra! 🌍💫

Ever dreamt of escaping the daily grind and diving into a world filled with stories, fun and new friends? Well, guess what? Your dream's about to come true!

So, What's the Buzz About? 🐝
Pause Terra is our cosy little nook where you get to meet awesome folks and bond over the magic of storytelling. And nope, this isn't another one of those pitch business events. Here, we're all about sharing fun experiences and making memories.

Here's How We Roll  🎲

Pick a Fun Avatar Name: Think of that superhero or fantasy character you've always wanted to be. That's right, leave your real name at the door and step in with a fun alias!

Share Your Tales: Got a story? Great! Don't have one? No worries! Just join in the fun as we play five thematic games. It's all about team play and having a blast.

Stay Connected: Had a great time and made some pals? We'll share a list of all the peeps who attended, so you can keep the fun going online.

Why You Should Totally Join 🎉

Meet Amazing People: It's like speed-dating, but way cooler and without the awkward silences.

Challenge & Fun: Think of it as an escape room, minus the stress of actually escaping.

Be a Kid Again: Relive those fun childhood days, share some laughs and maybe even discover a new side of you.

The Origins of Terra 📜
The Origins of Terra isn't just a game; it's 19 years of wild adventures, fun experiences, and a sprinkle of genius, all packed into one epic power pack. Our inspiration? Apple's unique group recruitment process and a medley of fantastic workshops, from the whimsical Muppet Show to the innovative Fast Company, all hosted at the legendary Pause Fest.

Our Belief ❤️
We're firm believers in the power of shared experiences. Before diving into business, why not share a laugh, a story or a memory? That's what Pause Terra is all about – creating those unforgettable moments, all in a judgement-free zone.

Pause Terra — It's Storytime! 📚✨
Ready for an evening filled with laughter, stories, and some good ol' fun? Join us at Pause Terra, where every story has a twist and every twist has a story.

Schedule 🎤
Arrive: 6:30pm
Starts: 7pm
Ends: 9pm

Food and drinks available at the venue, not included.

Come as you are, leave with a story. See you at Pause Terra! 🎈