From “hands-on” to leading leaders: How to scale your tech team as CTO

Tue, May 18, 1:00 PM UTC


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When you’re scaling fast, you need to learn to make things happen through other people: your team!

You may have been a “hands-on” CTO in the past, but that model won’t work when you enter into the hyper-growth phase. 📈

If you feel it’s time to start empowering your developers to become leaders themselves, our next live session will be perfect for you.

We have been invited to The Tech Leaders Hub, chapter #9, by STX Next, where our Founder, Alvaro Moya will be covering:

👉 What to do when you feel robbed of the time to properly train your people

👉 How to transform from a “hands-on CTO” to a manager of managers;

👉 How to create a high-performing team of leaders that will make autonomous decisions, hire great people under them, and maintain the company culture.

🎙 About the Speaker: Alvaro Moya, experienced CTO, Founder of | Training great Tech Leaders

🗓 Join us live on May 18, 3 PM (GMT+2)
See you inside!

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