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The Teacher Warrior Experience - Long Island

Hosted by ThirtyTenZero & Bill Brennan
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ā€‹The Teacher Warrior Conference is where educators connect with other educators to REIGNITE their FIRE, CLARITY, and ENERGY!

ā€‹šŸ”„ Educators are WARRIORS guiding our country's future! This experience aims to create the much-needed space for educators to let go of STRESS and to cultivate a strong Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual state for improved wellness and action. The quickly growing Teacher Warrior Community will help you to share, iterate and execute on your personal mission!

ā€‹Make your first live conference be the best one yet!

Participants will leave with:
šŸ”„ Greater self-awareness of what drives daily thoughts and actions.
šŸ”„ Greater clarity in defining and getting what you need to thrive.
šŸ”„ Strategies and resources to help educators find the balance.
šŸ”„ A community of other educators for ongoing support and learning.

Space is limited to the first 60 participants.
Cost: Only $97.00 per participant (CREDIT CARD and PURCHASE ORDERS Accepted)

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8:45am - 9:00am - Welcome and community building experience
9:00am - 12:00pm - Morning Experience w/Presentation and Group Activities
āž” Cultivating Self Awareness and Strong State
āž” Story Watch and Courage Muscle
āž” Customize Your System for Max Impact

ā€‹12:00pm-12:45pm - Lunch Break and Conversations

ā€‹12:45pm - 2:00pm - Afternoon Experience w/Presentation and Group Activities
āž” Project Regrowth
āž” Leveraging perspectives
āž” Defining intentions

2:00pm - 2:30pm - Group Synthesis Experience

3:00pm - Group Meet-up


ā€‹About the Facilitators:


ā€‹Dr. Bill Brennan has been an educator, speaker, and change architect for over 20 years. Ā  His passion is facilitating learning experiences that help people reframe, refocus and reimagine education.


ā€‹Dan Greenwald has been an educator, entrepreneur, and connector for over 20 years. His passion is to understand how people learn and what ignites them to change. This obsession was sparked by a childhood stutter.