Teacher Warrior Workshop - August 2021



This event is sold out and no longer taking registrations.

Event Information

Do your craft of education from a foundation of clarity, passion, courage, and leadership.

This workshop experience is to equip and support you in being a Teacher Warrior. Participants are leaders of classrooms, departments, buildings, and districts.

🔥 Educators are warriors guiding our country's future.

Foundation of a Teacher Warrior


"Everything starts with the self" - Dr. Bill Brennan

  • Optimize you as a human creature (& an educator)

    • State-Story-Action ->

      • Weekly plan for consistent energy, clarity, and courage


View Covid's impact like a forest fire - "In their wake, forest fires leave a nutrient-rich soil, ripe for regrowth. What regrowth are you going to protect?" - Dan Greenwald

  • Find the right questions to ask yourself

    • Harness your perspective

      • Create your Teacher Warrior Mission


"Goals are about the results you want to achieve. Systems are about the processes that lead to those results." – James Clear

  • Design your systems and processes

    • Make them simple simple easy for your existing life

      • Plan and track achievements for continual growth

What you gain:

  • Your unique warrior mindset unleashed

  • A practical framework to reignite their fire, clarity, and energy whenever needed

  • A clearly defined personalized leadership target acting as their guide

  • Ability to design systems and processes that can forever guide you in achieving

  • A community of other TeacherWarriors to support, execute and celebrate with

How we do it:

  • Time is our greatest commodity (especially as educators) - workshops are designed to create the most impact with the least amount of friction or heavy lift

  • ​Leveraging the cohort-based-course model to learn deeper and quicker

  • Using tools designed for simple simple easy like Loom, NotionLuMa, Zoom, Typeform, and G-Suite

  • Before each session, you will receive a link to your Teacher Warrior HQ. This will act as your guide and interactive workbook guiding you through the Learn -> Create -> Use process for the workshop

What's included:

  • Cost: $150

  • ​Spread over 14 days, there are 3 live sessions along with Teacher Warrior Jams

  • Each session will be 1.5hrs, recorded, and shared

  • Teacher Warrior Jams are interspersed to allow attendees to come together to ask questions, share their progress and support the growth of each other

  • Workshops are utilizing the cohort-based course model

  • Free access to all additional workshops for the year supporting the three areas of focus (Self, Wisdom, and Action)

About the Presenters:

Dr. Bill Brennan 

Bill has been an educator, speaker, and change architect for over 20 years.   His passion is facilitating learning experiences that help people reframe, refocus and reimagine education.   Bill has a B.A. from Marist College, an M.S. from Long Island University, and an Ed.D from Fordham University with a focus on organizational change and leadership. Bill lives in Long Island with his wife and three kids. 

Dan Greenwald

Dan has been an educator, entrepreneur, and connector for over 20 years. When he unexpectedly lost numerous people close to him over five years, he was hit with the reality that life is really short. He took action and accidentally created ThirtyTenZero. ThirtyTenZero is built on the belief that all people have the power to change. This inner power is tapped when we uncover what we really want. Dan has a B.A. from Boston University and an M.A. from Teachers College Columbia University with a focus on curriculum design. His longtime passion to understand how people learn and what motivates them to change was sparked by a childhood stutter. Dan lives in NYC with his wife and three kids.

David de Caspedes

David is a technology educator and entrepreneur. He studied architecture at Florida International University and the University of Michigan, before founding Superform, an NYC-based digital agency. He is currently Founding Technology Coordinator at The SEED School of Miami, where he oversees technology implementation amongst staff and scholars. David is driven by helping educators design systems to work more creatively and effectively, applying innovative models and strategies in the classroom.


When will the workshops take place?

  • They will take place over zoom (for now)

  • There will be Teacher Warrior Jams interspersed - informal gathering around anything Teacher Warrior related

How much of my time and bandwidth is required? 

  • This is up to you. All Teacher Warrior workshops are designed for different levels of cadence. Each of us have different available resources (time, energy and focus) at different times of the year.

  • Cadence 1 (~4hrs over 2 weeks) - show up and consume the live sessions

  • Cadence 2 (~6hrs over 2 weeks)- Follow the two-week activity plan, shows up to the live sessions, completes the Learn→Create→Use activities

  • Cadence 3 (above + your life to execute as you see fit) - Everything above and you're active with other Teacher Warriors in executing their personal mission

How much is the Teacher Warriors Workshop?

  • The Teacher Warrior Workshop is $150.

  • This also acts as your membership for the year and provides all future workshops for the year at no additional cost.

Who are Teacher Warrior workshops for?

  • Any educator leading their class, department, building or district

What do I get after signing up?

  • You will receive an email guiding you in accessing your Teacher Warrior HQ "workbook"

  • Being a warrior isn't easy. To start getting in Teacher Warrior "shape" you will be asked to start growing your Courage Muscle. This is done through a 7 minute video and follow-up exercise.