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Talent Brunch - Istanbul 🇹🇷

Hosted by Talent Protocol & Kerf Chang
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Need a breather after an intense week of conferences and workshops? 

​Join us for a typical Istanbul breakfast, hosted by Talent Protocol and Talent@Web3 from 10:00- 13:00 and stay till 18:00 in a great co-work space building and brainstorming for Eth Global's hackathon.

​Enjoy good food and connect with fellow builders, learn about their backgrounds and discover what they are going to build during Devconnect.

About the Hosts and Partners:

  • Talent Protocol: A social and economic platform where builders commit to future goals, share their progress and find the support they need to succeed.

  • Celo Europe Dao: Ecosystem DAO expanding #Celo in Europe to empower the changemakers of tomorrow.

  • Talent@Web3: Onboarding the next generation of web3 talent through education, networking and job matching.