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The Triple Win LIVE: Featuring Gregg Cohen

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Gregg Cohen, CEO of JWB Real Estate Capital, is without a doubt one of the most impressive Triple Win-Driven Property Management Leaders.

How do you know he's Triple Win-Driven?

Here is the headline from JWB's About Us page:

"Our business fundamentals are built on making a difference in the lives of every individual we encounter. With these fundamentals at the forefront of every business decision, JWB focuses on the things that have the most significant impact on our clients, staff, vendors, and residents."

How do you know he's impressive?

We will run out of characters before Gregg runs out of accomplishments worth highlighting.

Gregg and his team have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, The Jacksonville Business Journal, The Florida Times-Union, Advantage Business Magazine, and Entrepreneur Anchor Magazine. 

More unique things about Gregg and JWB:

  • Built a team to 80+ team members

  • Grew Private Facebook Group for investors to 3,500+ members

  • 176 Podcast Episodes that brought in millions in revenue

  • JWB runs on SalesForce (not a traditional PM accounting software) 

  • Gregg personally buys and sells properties to and from his investor base

  • Plays at the "asset manager" level, not just the property manager level

All of it serves a vertically integrated approach to real estate. Gregg is a category designer with a different POV and JWB's execution of it all is flat-out impressive.

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