Cover Image for This Is CDR Ep93: Airhive
Cover Image for This Is CDR Ep93: Airhive

This Is CDR Ep93: Airhive

Hosted by OpenAir Collective
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OpenAir is excited to present This Is CDR, an online event series that explores the wide range of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) solutions currently being researched, developed, and deployed, and discusses them in the context of policies OpenAir seeks to formulate and advance at every level of government in the U.S., as well as in national and subnational jurisdictions globally.

This week we are pleased to welcome Rory Brown and Jasper Wong from Airhive to present and discuss the company's novel DAC process which employs fluidisation to dramatically accelerate the mineralization of atmospheric CO2.

About Rory:

Rory Brown is Co-Founder and CEO of Airhive. Rory is an experienced manager and strategist who has delivered over £200M in overseas programmes for the UK government. Rory brings leadership and delivery expertise to rapidly scale Airhive’s technology.

About Jasper:

Jasper Wong is Co-Founder and CTO of Airhive. Jasper is a PhD research engineer from Imperial College London with a background in decarbonisation. He holds a BA and MEng from the University of Cambridge. Jasper brings scientific and engineering expertise to Airhive’s technology.