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StoryWatch Workshop - Sept 2021

Hosted by ThirtyTenZero
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StoryWatch Workshop will change how you approach day-to-day forever

The ThirtyTenZero system creates your foundation for staying grounded, as well as your launchpad.

The ThirtyTenZero system will give you:

  • A clearly defined target to act as your guide 

  • A daily action plan to ensure you're building weekly momentum

  • A dashboard that increases your self-awareness and keeps you on track  

  • A real understanding of the progress you’re making

Over the three live sessions, we're going to Learn → Create → Use across five different areas.

I also like to think of these areas as Modules, each bringing their own value, yet also building upon each other.

  1. Courage Muscle - Courage

  2. StoryWatch - Clarity

  3. StrongState - Energy

  4. Target - Driver

  5. Focus →Actions - Gametime

As a result, you live more intentionally, on your terms, and with greater energy and bandwidth for what truly matters.

And once you learned this system, it’s designed to easily get you back on track when life gets crazy (and it always will).

Workshop Structure

There are 3 live sessions. Each session will be 1.5hrs and will be recorded and shared.

Session #1: Courage Muscle, StoryWatch and Strong State

Session #2: Review and Define your Target

Session #3: Present, Tweak, Tighten, Do it!


  • Using Notion, LuMa and zoom

  • Before the first session, you will be receiving a link to your ThirtyTenZero HQ in Notion. This will act as your dashboard and interactive workbook.